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Wenxi Chen's

MS. in Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University

BS. in Aircraft Engineering, Huazhong Univ. of Sci & Tech



Hand orthosis for stroke patients
EMG classification invariant to sensor shifts

Research project at Columbia University

Signal classification

Signal feature extraction


Auto regression model

Bipedal robot design and gait optimization

Course project at Columbia University

Solidworks 3D printing

raspberry Pi

Pybullet simulation

Robot arms imitating boxing from videos

Course project at Columbia University

PID control

Computer vision​

Dynamic simulation

Evolution optimization algorithm on quadruped robot

Course project at Columbia University

Evolution algorithm

GPU computing

Cloud computing

Behavior tracking of mouse

Research project at Columbia University

Object tracking

Data driven study

Behavior feature clustering

Behavior and neural signal coorelation

Land-air amphibian UAV

Summer research at Tsinghua University


Linux Ros simulation

3D print amphibian UAV

Course project at Huazhong University of Sci & Tech

3D printing

Solidworks modeling

Aircraft design

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